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Apple Store is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by Apple Inc. The stores sell various Apple products, including Mac personal computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, iPod portable media players, Apple Watch smartwatches, Apple TV digital media players, software, and select third-party accessories.

Mac Store has horrible customer service and techs are poorly trained, according to Ghada at

"Had several bad customer experiences at the Tyson’s Corner Apple Store. Some of the techs are not well trained and one damaged my Apple Watch. Manager Adam was horrible in responding to my request to repair the watch. After months of trying to reach Apple customer service to resolve this and no response to dozens of emails, I finally gave up and purchased a new watch Series 5 Cellular. After a few months, I started having issues with it—could not hear callers when I answered from the watch."


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Former Employee - Service Technician says

"Terribly disconnected upper management with no real care for employees, even management at some of the individual stores was atrocious. Terrible pay, not many benefits, and attempts to keep people working full time listed as part time so they didn't have to provide benefits. No chance to move up. Promises of raises that were never delivered to people or ended up being meaningless ($0.30-$0.50 cents/hr increase). Employees were fired for meaningless things to attempt to get others to step in line and work harder to compensate for lost people."


"The managers don't do anything, delegate everything to everyone else without any type of training or proper structure within the company. The company owes US Bank tons of money and is struggling to make overhead every month. Meanwhile, they choose to stick with selling Apple products which give a 5% margin at best, and stock useless or uninteresting accessories only because it has great margin. They dont believe in giving raises for hard work or because you have been with the company every year and have sold or serviced to thousands, making a lot of money for them. The pay is a joke. You'll start at minimum wage, even as a technician. Apple pays it's sales people at least 11.00 an hour, and their Geniuses at least 16.00 an hour. You never get any new Apple products in your store until weeks after its release, making dealing with customers who want the products pissed off at you for a while. Most of the time you have to send your customers away because we dont stock ____ or dont service ____. I'd highly advise trying to get into Apple if this is what you want to do. Although it is a lot harder to get a position with them, it's worth it. Most of the time they don't even interview you here. I've seen people hired right on the spot just so they have 'warm bodies' because people quit all the time."

Customer Service Representative says

"Terrible pay for what is asked of employees, no raise structure to speak of, very confusing and changing company policy, lots of negative reinforcement, horrible HR department, feel unappreciated due to low pay for the job at stake, feel as though knowledge is wasted on low wage, HORRIBLE bonus structure; designed to cheat employees out of a bonus rather than reward them with a bonus"

Repair Tech says

"The Pay was just disrespectful."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Terrible pay, selfish ownership that tended to screw employees over. Limited opportunity for upward mobility. Just got bought out by Simply Mac."

Former Employee - Help Desk says

"Too many demands on part time students"

Current Employee - Onsite Technician says

"Had plenty of ideas for improving things and utilizing my skills that were ignored or rejected. Pay is crap with constant "pay lock" meaning they don't ever give raises."

Sales Associate says

"Convincing someone to buy from a reseller can be challenging."


"Pay could be better. But it is retail. come with the territory"

Helpdesk says

"Management seems to be assigned semi randomly and some of the managers are micro managers and will "punish" you by making you do things you don't particularly enjoy."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend this place. Management members have no sense or knowledge. Management even could not explain your pay statement. Threat of firing you on every single small mistake. Called me silly person and abused me for small mistake that even could be ignored."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Always promote their favourite people if you are straight forward than they don’t like to hear their weakness they are worse . They fired me from the store bcoz district manager spent like me and they give my store to the guys whose store is always on Facebook for his poor service so I always slow clap for these people.Worse management in head officeYou will waste your time"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I had been working since 2008 in this company and working every day to make just enough money to survive there was no appreciation from anyone for working for 12 years and they just fired the whole store for stupid reason so I can recommend to work but don’t make it your retirement plan job because no respect from anyone for your hard work."

Retail Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working at Macs store you will not gain anything other than tiring hours non stop demand by employer at very low level wage and management is very picky but not friendly at all they don’t offer any benefits and overtime wage My experience and many my friends didn’t have good experiences working with this company"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work like slaves and get disrespected by managnent 24 X 7. Market managers are egoistic ass_oles, Biased, favouritism. Market managers do not welcome feedback. The store operators and staff are badly treated all the time."

Fast Food Worker (Former Employee) says

"Boss was horrible! Caught hep A. Was taken off work and was fired. Went in turned doctor note in and was told I was a no call no show . After the fact"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Never work for these people. avoid at all cost. Very basic pay no benefit. No job security unreliable hours. no brakes. and also many locations break labour lawsZeroEverything is bad"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Overall bad ................................ good place to make friends but not a safe company if you are searching for a career .the management are scarred of losing there jobs so they rat out othersso that they lose there job first .’Company vehicleCan get fired without notice they just show up and you are out ..."

Market Manager (Former Employee) says

"Where to begin. If you’re hired, Keep your eyes open. First of all. They OWN you. Literally. Don’t believe the work life balance promises. Get used to calls at all hours of the night and be prepared to work weekends without being ‘asked’ Management functions solely on self preservation. In the area I worked in alone, five Market Managers have been through the revolving door in the last couple years. Backstabbing and openly criticizing other managers is commonplace and apparently ok. You will see for yourself if you are hired into this disorganized mess. I’ve honestly never worked anywhere where I’ve seen more inept upper management. My direct supervisor alone was the worst manager I’ve had the curse of working under in all the years of retail I’ve worked. This individual has been responsible for losing so many good people and is never held accountable. Save yourself some hope. Apply anywhere else. You will be set up to fail from the very beginning. My main regret is I should have reached out to the people I was to replace shortly after I was hired to learn the truth. It would have saved me some time find out the truth and leave this mess way earlier than I did.They pay for your cellphone(well some of it)Inept management. Selfish agendas by Ops leads. Culture is a joke."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Never work here.. South Asian Managers are giving Mac's a really bad name.. I do not know what the Area Managers are doing.. You Managers should see what exactly are the Store Managers paying the employees.."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"they basically have no benefits at all, the management is usually just nagging their employees, there is a lot of workplace harassment taking place, not a friendly environment.noneeverything"

Cashier/Customer Service,fullfillment ,nites (Former Employee) says

"they treat employees as just a number i wouldnt recommend anyone to work for them you do your best and treat customers the way they need to be treated with respect only for macs or person operating the store steel your hoursnonebad operaters"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I loved working here, however I did not enjoy the constant belittling and rude comments that i received from not only the patrons but the boss as well... the atmosphere is not friendly at all."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I thought working at macs would have been a great experience for me but after my time there i realized it was a place i did not belong for reason that are my own.nothingeverything"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management Judge people and as well give the customer bad poor customer Services. As well Management should be allowed to on cashier drawer as well mac's need to do better on training people for two weeks. They need to train their workerthey better managementthere is non"

Stage en entreprise (Former Employee) says

"Aucune communication, aucun avantages, aucune reconnaissance. Cette entreprise donne tout sauf l'envie de faire de la communication.AucunAucun point positif pour l'avenir"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"i have worked at macs esso gas station 1 was a fast pace environment working at workers and manager was friendly and was fun working over that luncheslong hours"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"if you are looking for a flexible work schedule this is the place for you. If you are looking for full time I would look else were. Management are forced to work 8 and 10 hour shifts without much support and no breaks or lunches. The company does not invest into there buildings and or facilities. My equipment is broken all of the time.flexible work schedulesno scheduled lunches or breaks in a 8 hour work period"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"this is not a good company to work for. they do not care about your family time nor time to request off. they do not care if you have vacation time and cuss at you in front of customers"

Dealer / Independent store operator (Former Employee) says

"If u own the franchise its a nightmare. You eill have to work everyday long hours. If you are good at maths you will find you are making minimum wage having a franchise. Don't choose owning a franchise with macs or you eill be stuck in nowhere.. Very clever company and mean market managers and operations managers. Looks like they are being trained that way.N/aLong hours, pressure, unrealistic targets, poor management."

Mark ashby says

"I received the wrong colour"

Michael Emmett says

"I ordered through this store given the fact they advertise next day delivery if ordering before 1:30pm. At the time the site displayed no notifications that they were experiencing delays due to COVID19 nor at any point during the order process was there notifications that delays could be experienced. Only that the product would come the next day. After ordering (Tuesday) I received no notification that the product would be shipped and only after I sent a follow-up email to my order-notification (Wednesday) did I receive an email that the product would be shipped the next day (Thursday). Given the current climate I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and left it. It's now Thursday and I've received yet another email to say that the product won't be shipped out to me until the next day (Friday). Upon contacting the store via their chat I was told that the store had a banner over the weekend noting delays. I explained that I placed my order on the Tuesday to which I was told that they had taken the banner down after the weekend as they no longer were experiencing delays. I was then told that they had experience high volumes and had to distance due to COVID19 which had caused delays. I explained that this is fine but I had not been notified about this at all and there was no banner or notifications on the site - which meant the conversation just kept going in circles. Rather than taking responsibility and trying to help the guy on the chat just blamed everyone else. Terrible service - I don't even care what the product is like - they don't give a damn about their customers. Given the amount of money I spent you’d think they could give a nominal refund (which is all I asked for). Instead I was offered money back on my next purchase but I’m unlikely to buy a 2nd computer so a pointless offer. I’m now at the Saturday after ordering a ‘next day’ delivery. Still no product, no attempt to do anything from the store other than try and distract from their bad service by saying I swore and no help from UPS. To be honest I wish I’d gone directly through Apple. At least you know they are reliable and will make an effort to help the customer"

Mark ashby says

"I didn’t get the correct colour"

Michael Delopp says

"Not happy with product and sending it bk"

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